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Our Tradies Belts are Australian owned and made from rubber, polyester, cotton and nylon.

We seal the ends with a durable plastic dip and ensure every belt is checked and then packed by our own rough hands!

STANDARD: 38mm wide TG belt
The original, still going strong and suitable for every pair of pants!

WIDE: 50mm wide TG belt
A super hefty belt! Make sure it fits through the loops before purchasing.

Belt sizes are based on STANDARD PANT SIZES not the length of the belt!
We do not advise washing the belts as they may shrink.


Additional information


Let us know if this is a gift to ensure the packaging is included (*38mm width only). Otherwise, to save paper and the environment it will be delivered with an insert only.


Small (30"), Medium (32"), Large (34”), XL (36"), XXL (38”), 3XL–6XL (40-48"), 7XL+ (50-58")


Belt sizes are based on STANDARD PANT SIZES not the length of the belt! If in doubt go a size bigger rather than smaller.


Black & Brown (reversible)


Custom sizes available. Please contact us for more details.


Expect up to 10 WORKING DAYS to receive your belt via standard post.
We do not accept responsibility for undelivered belts that are not tracked.
Standard Shipping – Flat packaging, no box included.
International shipping available


Wrong Size? Send your belt back (as flat as it was received so you don't get overcharged!) with a RETURN PAID ENVELOPE and a note of the new size required.


38mm, 50mm

53 reviews for Tradies Belt

  1. Brendan

    Best belt I’ve ever owned. Suits FIFO workers like me because you don’t have to take it off at the airport because of no metal. No more buckles rubbing ever again!

  2. Troy, NSW northern beaches. Builder (verified owner)

    So good, Never will i buy another type of belt, just so easy with endless ajustment, its so comfy. Im a tadie but use it everyday not just for work

  3. Michelle G (verified owner)

    I bought this belt for my partner Christmas of 2018. He has worn it every work day (and most weekends) since. It goes through some hard yakka but is still in perfect condition. He says he would never go back to a normal belt & raves about it to his mates. One of the cheapest but best presents.

  4. Shayne (verified owner)

    I came across this belt randomly on Facebook. I constantly had trouble with my buckle digging into my guts when in front of the computer at work. Well I’m glad I did!!! This belt is so comfortable and easy it’s ridiculous! Ordering one for the old man now. Thanks guys!

  5. Michael (verified owner)

    Works perfect just as described

  6. B & J M (verified owner)

    I ordered two belts for hubby after seeing it on a Facebook advertisement, and we all know that usually doesn’t end well. I had very high hopes of it being easy to use, keeping his pants up, and generally being a reliable purchase. I am pumped to tell you that IT LIVED UP TO ALL OF THEM! Thank you so much for creating such a great product! Hubby is wearing one every day to work, and has added the other one to his regular wardrobe because he is so happy with it. We will definitely be spreading the word! 👌

  7. Morgan E

    I’ve had my tradies gear belt 38mm for 2 years, worn 5 days a week. No buckle to get in the way of my harness as I’m an arborist. I have another one for my jeans, both do the job. I highly recommend this product.
    Morgan from Tree Central

  8. milton meier (verified owner)

    got mine today. fantastic belt. highly recommend.

    • Tradies Gear

      Thanks very much Milton 🙂

  9. Brad Evans (verified owner)

    I’ve just received my tradies belt and it’s awesome it’s so comfy I think I might have to get another one for my jeans money well spent

    • Tradies Gear

      I think that’s a bloody good idea!

  10. Sarah Borman (verified owner)

    I got my belt and I love it. I have about a 2inch overlap and that seems to be enough to hold and it will last me a long time though out my weightloss.
    I didn’t realise that it was stretchy, I thought it was like a nylon webbing type thing so that was an amazing surprise.
    I will be recommending it to EVERYONE not just tradies. I’m allergic to the metal in buckles and hate the way they look under a shirt so this is the perfect solution

  11. Albert

    Hi Tradies Gear.
    I would just like to send you a note in regards to the belt.
    Recently I purchased an adventure motorcycle and was looking around for a belt to use with my new riding gear.
    I was told about your belt by one of the converted and thought it was worth a try.
    Noting your belt did not have a buckle it appeared to be just what I was after.
    On receiving the belt and using it for the first time it was more than I expected.
    No buckle to catch on my jacket or get caught in any way as I moved around on or off the bike.
    As the belt is elasticised it gives freedom of movement without the pants becoming loose.
    However the major point of comfort when on long trips is not having that constant buckle impression in the stomach area or hitting the tank. On top ot that the added bonus of being reversible it goes with both my riding jeans and brown cargo pants. Two belts in one.
    All up a very impressive bit of gear. It is so comfortable I occasionally use it when not on the bike.
    Well done Tradies Gear.

  12. Tammy Jacobson Spotswood

    Just couldn’t resist the 25% discount… To good of an opportunity to get my partner another… Always good to have a spare… He wears NO other belt now, threw the others away…. They’re brilliant…. Thankyou 🤗
    I’m just waiting for the Female range to be released now…. 🎶 Hurry up Hurry up

    • Tradies Gear

      Hi Tammy,
      LOVE your enthusiasm 🙂
      Ladies belts are on order, I’ll let you know when I have them in hand and get the first one in the post to you!

  13. Andrew Hogan

    Excellent product works exactly as described and very comfortable with no buckle.


    • Tradies Gear

      Thanks very much Andrew…great to hear 🙂

  14. Dave Holmes (verified owner)

    Love it , bought it for work but wear it every where .. especially love it on the bike !!! Best thing ive brought in awhile cheers guy

  15. Aaron Jaeger (verified owner)

    I’ve been wearing the Tradies Belt for a couple of months now, and I really recommend them.
    Because I’m a person with a pant size 102S, ‘S’ means stout, (so I’m short and fat), and just for fun, genetics blessed me with no butt (yeah ladies I’m a looker). To keep my pants up my old leather belt would have to be so tight it was causing, ummm let’s call it intestinal upset. I had a choice suspenders ( I’m only in my forties, I haven’t quite given up on thinning up again yet), or the Tradies Belt. Since wearing the belt I’ve had no intestinal upset and my pants are staying in position.
    Only one thing the XXL size needs to be about two inches longer. Bought it and it seemed to shrink a bit. Purchased the 3X one and it is very long easily a Foot of overlap. (I’m keeping the 2X, remember I haven’t given up hope)
    Never the less still a great product. Thanks

    • Tradies Gear

      Thanks very much for sharing your feedback Aaron! So pleased to hear that we have been able to assist with your “upset”. I am bit concerned about the “shrinkage” that you mention – have yo washed the belt?

  16. Josh (verified owner)

    So much nicer to wear than my old style belts, it’s my go-to belt every day now, work or not. Really comfy, easy to adjust if needed & looks great! Buying more for Xmas gifts!!

    • Tradies Gear

      Thanks Josh, yep – we wear ours ALL.THE.TIME too 🙂 Happy days!

  17. Bradley HEFFERNAN (verified owner)

    Great Belt very comfortable when wearing tool belt and just as everyday belt, has not come loose on me yet. Black/Brown reversable. Very well made!!!

    • Tradies Gear

      What do you mean “yet”? 🙂
      Glad you like it and thanks very much for your feedback Brad!

  18. Leah (verified owner)

    Hubby is loving the tradies gear. He is a miner but was sick of a normal belt digging into him. No worries no more. Loving life. Thanks a bunch!

    • Tradies Gear

      Love that your hubby is lovin’ his belt and lovin’ life. Lots a lovin’! You’re welcome 🙂

  19. Shane Roberts (verified owner)

    Had my belt for a couple or weeks now and think it’s awesome shipping was extremely fast love the fact of of having no buckle don’t have to worry about scratching things such as cars now

    • Tradies Gear

      Awesome feedback, thanks very much for taking the time to share Shane. Great to hear that it’s doing its job, perfect for the automotive industry!

  20. Timmy Pun (verified owner)

    I have just receive my Tradies Belt yesterday. Yes it truly works. super comfortable and my pens stay up at all time.
    I would highly recommend it.

    • Tradies Gear

      Thanks Timmy! TG belt ticking al the boxes, yew!

  21. Graham Kulper (verified owner)

    Got my belt and put it straight on, Love it. I wear it with workwear and with my casual clothes as well. Best thing is there is no buckle which can dig in if you are bending over alot when working. Pity there aren’t more colors.

  22. Nick Ardill

    I purchased this belt recently and it I’d the best belt I have owned. Stretches when you need it too and extremely strong velcro. Love it

  23. Benjamin (verified owner)

    Amazing product! I work in luxury furniture, so having a velcro belt instead of a buckle (which can cause scratches) is super useful. In the past I always found myself adjusting my pants throughout the day, this one it holds them in place perfectly. And it’s comfortable. Had an issue with the size when got my first one, but customer service sent the correct one within a couple of days. Keep up the great work 🙂

  24. Simon Haggett (verified owner)

    Just ordered one and it’s great! Arrived really quickly and is comfy as will recommend to all my mates!

  25. A Jones (verified owner)

    I’m not a tradie – in fact I work in an office and sit much of the day – but I LOVE the tradie belt. It keeps the strides up without constricting or digging in. It’s been worn heaps so far and showing no signs of wear or stretch out. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  26. Matt Holliday (verified owner)

    As soon as I saw the ad for this belt I ordered one right away. Wear it all the time. Postage was quick also! Might buy another one!

  27. Naomi pratt (verified owner)

    My husband loves his new tradies belt, goes around his fat gut and nail bag doesnt get caught on it

  28. Duncan MacFarlane (verified owner)

    I bought this belt 5 months ago and it’s great! As a joiner, I wear a light weight tool belt around the workshop every day! As I’m a bit fat, a regular belt buckle digs in under the tool belt. It’s so comfortable, I’ve been wearing it on the weekends too! If the ends were pointed, it would be easier to get into trousers with smaller belt loops though… When are you coming out with a matching tool belt with an elastic belt for those of us who are generously proportioned?

    • Tradies Gear

      Thanks very much for your feedback Duncan, you must have been one of our first customers. Glad to hear that you are wearing your belt everyday, it’s hard to go back to traditional belts after wearing ours! We have since tapered the ends and as a big thanks for taking the time to post a review, we would be happy to send you an updated/tapered belt. Just send your size and address to and we will get one in the post to you 🙂
      As for the matching tool belt – watch this space!

  29. Ben Wone (verified owner)

    great belt I haven’t shown any crack since I got it. I could never wear a normal belt because I wear a tool belt. By the afternoon I used to look like Kim Kardashian trying to pull up a pair of skinny jeans every 2 minutes but not any more. Now I get to keep my pants up all day.

    • Tradies Gear

      Hahaha, brilliant review. Thanks Ben!

  30. Ryan (verified owner)

    Purchase a Tradie belt just to try and REALLY REALLY impressed with it super comfortable .
    High recommend it!!

    • Tradies Gear

      Thanks very much Ryan, really appreciate your feedback!

  31. Sean G (verified owner)

    Awesome belt, I’ve brought 4 now and even use one as a normal everyday belt… I’ve been searching years for something like this… nice work Tradies Gear, get out there boys and wrap one of these little beauties around ya… you won’t be disappointed 🙂

    • Tradies Gear

      Thanks very much for your review and confidence in our belt Sean! Glad to hear you use it as an everyday belt…so do we!

  32. Steve (verified owner)

    I searched online for a solution like the Tradie Belt after getting fed up with belt buckles digging in or my shorts constantly slipping down. Lets you get on with your work, what a great Aussie innovation!

    • Tradies Gear

      Thanks very much Steve. It’s great to receive feedback that genuinely confirms the Tradies Belt solves the problems that we claim it does.

  33. Dan (verified owner)

    Very happy with the belt purchase, comfortable fit all day long.

    • Tradies Gear

      Thanks Dan!

  34. Sam Keller (verified owner)

    Hands down the best belt i’ve worn. Makes jobs like screeding concrete or nailing up wall frames 10x more comfortable, you dont even know you’re wearing it.
    Strongly recommend!

  35. Gerard G (verified owner)

    Got one of these about a month ago.
    Its really good and would recommend for any tradie

    • Tradies Gear

      Thanks very much Gerard!

  36. Jeff Voevodin

    Great belt and made well. So simple and the most comfortable belt I have ever owned. Stops my arse crack from popping out, great job guys

    • Tradies Gear

      Thanks for you feedback Jeff!

      Glad you like the belt and and delighted to hear your crack is concealed nicely too 🙂

  37. Shane cooper

    Awesome bit of kit 👌🏽

    • Tradies Gear

      Cheers mate!

  38. Peter Quill (verified owner)

    Great purchase! Bought one after it was recommended by my mate and now i wear it everyday. Best belt ever, so comfy and does exactly what it says it will. Totally worth the money 👌🏽

    • Tradies Gear

      Thanks Peter great feedback from you and your mate!

  39. Adam Thomson (verified owner)

    It is good gear , worth the money . Still going well after a couple of months with no where and tear to speak of .

  40. Henry Marchant

    I’m a fairly big man I enjoy being able to bend down at work all day and not have a belt buckle digging in.

    • Tradies Gear

      Great to hear that Henry as that’s one of our key features!

  41. Blair (verified owner)

    Awesome belt. Got it for work as a chippie, but so comfortable I wear it everywhere. Getting another one!

  42. Spencer G Jones (verified owner)

    Great belt, so convenient, heaps of support.. Will buy again. Thank you.

  43. Eddie C (verified owner)

    Best belt i have ever worn, Comfortable , looks good, perfect for work and play

  44. Josh (verified owner)

    Been searching for a good quality belt for a while. This belt is so comfy I forget I’m wearing it. Bonus is I don’t have to take it off at the airport. Definitely worth every cent. This is the last belt you will buy

  45. Russell (verified owner)

    I’m not a tradie but this little belt is a bloody beauty! Best product I have seen in a long time. Very comfortable to wear. Will most likely buy another👍

  46. Tradies Gear

    Daniel Toohey (March 2018) I purchased these belts for my crew as soon as they were released and they are great ! Don’t knock it till you’ve tried them keyboard warriors, they’re worth every cent.

    Ben W. (March 2018) I’ve used this belt for about a month, it’s bloody good!

    Mick B. (March 2018) Best work belt I’ve ever had. works well for a big tradie with no bum.

  47. Tradies Gear

    Thomas M. (Feb 2018) Finally, I’m getting one!

    Cam B. (Feb 2018) I used duct tape for years cos of the belt digging in. Great idea, love it!

  48. Jann Roberts

    Bought this belt for my husband, who is a retired tradie. He wears it with everyday shorts and jeans and says that it is very comfortable. Looks nice and smooth because there is no buckle.

  49. Danny

    Love it, use it everyday. Would recommend to anyone!

  50. Mitch, NSW (Builder)

    Belt works dude! And the air freshener smells like board wax! Bonus!

  51. Roger, NSW (Carpenter)

    Where’s this been for the last 25 years? I’m a carpenter and a bit overweight. I’ve always struggled to find a belt to fit me comfortably. I like the velcro fastener and that it’s not a tight rigid belt. It stays in place and does hold my pants up. I would recommend this belt to any tradie whether you wear a tool belt or not.

  52. Jako, NSW (plumber)

    Really good idea and totally works. It’s comfortable and doesn’t move. It looks simple and it is simple. Simple as that!

  53. Pete, Wagga Wagga (builder)

    I’ve been wearing my Tradies Belt with no complaints. It does everything it says and I would highly recommend it. Comfy, reliable belt.

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